Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Skies are clear, finally

We have been experiencing really bad haze in the last month or so, breathing in really, really bad quality of air. At times we can't even see past 200 meters in front of us. The view from my office cubicle is all gray, the city scene hidden in smog and smoke.

Until I walked into my office today at 6pm to this:

What a glorious view.

I'm usually the quiet one. But I exclaimed out so loud at the view that everyone who was there smiled and laughed with me. It felt wonderful to have clear skies again.



  1. That picture does look beautiful. Normally after rain it looks so 'clean' here by us. How does the air clear out, did it rain by you?

  2. Hi Retha, yea, rain would usually clear the skies but the haze was so bad recently it took much more to get it cleared. It was caused by forest fires and land clearing in Indonesia, which happens every year but it was exceptionally bad this year.