Why do we love meetings? I don't.

I blogged about long meetings a couple of days ago and found this article on meetings in BBC by Eric Barton, which was brilliant. My days are seriously inundated with meetings after meetings. The rule of needing to explain to every single person invited why they should attend is a good one.
Sick of Meetings? Ditch them
It slowly dawned on Ian Hughes that at least half of the meetings he attended were a waste of time. So he rewrote the rules.

Now, if someone schedules a meeting at his research company, Consumer Intelligence, they must explain to every single person invited why they should attend. And anyone can walk out halfway through if it’s unproductive.
Crucially, there’s no such thing as a mandatory meeting.

The number of meetings per week, or even per day, seems to be increasing, and people are really fed up.

“Every single meeting in this company is now optional,” Hughes said from his company office in Bristol in the UK.
For more, read here in BBC.



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