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My dad's philosophy for now

I took time to check out some places we can go for a short holiday with my parents and we thought of going to Ipoh. At first, I thought we could just be thrifty and book a budget hotel in town. We've stayed in Ritz Garden Ipoh before and found it decent and thought we book rooms there. But no. My dad wanted a better hotel. His philosophy? If he doesn't enjoy life now, when can he do so? :) And so we booked an apartment in this award winning hotel and we are certainly looking forward now to our short holiday. The Haven Resort Ipoh  pearlie

The New Atria

My hubby suggested that we go to Atria for lunch today. I thought to myself, why does that place sound so familiar and yet I can't place it at all in my mind what and where it is. It was only when we got there that I realized it is the good old shopping complex that I used to go to back on those days for get-togethers with my old friends. And how different it is now. It was apparently under massive renovations since it closed for business back in 2008. It was reopened in May this year. It has changed so much it is unrecognizable, and it no longer bring back any of those good old memories. Before After Before After pearlie Photo Sources: Julian Si , Go Where , Visit Malaysia , The Malaysian Insider

How to best do your peer assessment assignments in online courses

I have again used up my weekend to catch up on my Coursera courses, and time well spent. However, I was finding it hard when it comes to assessing the assignments of my peers. As much as I want to be generous in my assessment, which I usually am, I found it hard this time in the peer assessment of the final exam assignment in On Strategy: What Managers Can Learn From Philosophy - Part 1. And from what I have learnt in my own submission, my peers' assessment of my work and my assessment of theirs, I think these will be good pointers on how to submit a good assignment in Coursera. 1 . The most important point to take note is that the people who are assessing your papers are not experts. They probably just know as much as you do. Therefore, you need to present your paper clearly in the simplest form and language as you possibly can. If your arguments are all over the place or if your explanations are too complicated, most probably you will not be getting good assessments from yo


I was feeling absolutely dazed today. And in reading this article, I have what which is called the Fuzzy Brain! Well, this was what I felt exactly: ...there are days when it just feels like your brain isn’t all the way there. You stare blankly at the computer screen, your eyes glaze over, and no matter what you do, you can’t quite pull your head out of the fog. Ah, yes—the dreaded “fuzzy brain.” Its cause is unknown, but if left untreated, it can be quite detrimental to your productivity. For more, check out the article here . pearlie

I'm no traveler

I'm not a proper traveler. I don't like to be challenged or have too much change and prefer a week just to relax. ~ Karl Pilkington My mom was proposing that we go for a trip end of the year - somewhere in Asia, not near but not too far. I spent these two evenings checking out places, flight fares, hotels and interesting places to do and visit. The thing is with just two evenings of research, I got so tired I don't feel like going anymore. I think I will just stay right here at home. pearlie

Worrying Times

I read this in CNN today: How is this not World War III? With the recent attacks in Paris, and then with Turkey shooting down a Russian plane, CNN reported that "If this had occurred during the Cold War, we would be bracing for the possibility of a nuclear war. Thankfully, that conflict is over...Don't misinterpret the moves as evidence of calm; a furious Russia has called Turkey 'accomplices of terror' and Putin warned of 'significant consequences.' And these are just some of the latest developments in the world's most complicated conflict." It is indeed worrying times. pearlie

A Thousand Words #178

I spent the entire day discussing the company's vision and mission with my colleague, to no avail, but it was still a good discussion. pearlie

Questions I had with Genesis

In my recent commute to work, I was listening to Genesis on mp3 and it was very interesting as I began thinking as I listened. These were the few thoughts and questions I had. 1. I realised Adam and Eve actually had quite many years in the garden of Eden before they became discontented and wanted more. They bore another sin names Seth after the death of Cain, when Adam was 130 years old (Gen 5:3). So they would have had many years in Eden before they sinned and were banished. 2. Adam and Eve didn't seem sorry for what they did when they disobeyed God. They did not feel that they needed forgiveness. Was forgiveness something that "existed" then? 3. If Genesis counted for the hundreds of years men lived as literal years, why do we take each of the creation day as millions and billions of years? Moreover, other parts of Scripture interpreting the creation days as single days.  4. Why did God go through all the trouble with the flood? Why don't he just wipe them all out e

Wonderful, how wonderful

Glorious Day by Casting Crown I was worship leading today and the bible passage was on 1 Corinthians 15, the passage on resurrection. and I chose amongst others, this song by Casting Crown. And I don't really believe in coincidences in that I have been reading quite a bit about resurrection lately, and still reading Surprising Hope by NT Wright. Wonderful song. Wonderful book. But much more than that, what a wonderful God. pearlie

Addicted to Learning

I have to admit that I am currently addicted to Coursera! What else am I when I'm currently actively enrolled in a total of five courses. I kept finding courses that interest me. One on coaching, one on psychology, one on philosophy, one on thinking and one on both thinking and philosophy for managers. And I had to catch up with my coursework in Introduction to Psychology, having kept it aside for too long. I spent my entire day on it today and completed the mid-term exam which was a 64-question quiz, and a peer assessment written assignment. I was to write a 500 to 700-word paper on a current event relating it to a psychological concept from the lectures. I decided to write about the Bystander Interference effect from the tragic death of Wang Yue . I might post it here later, after the deadlines are passed. It is a very, very tragic story. pearlie

A Thousand Words #177

So, so, so busy. pearlie

Today is a five-star day

Today was a good day. I did not have high expectations but it turned out surprisingly well. I spent the day in a Learning and Development Seminar organised by People Potential. I learnt quite a lot, reconnected with a former colleague and met some very nice people. For one, I inadvertently took part in a situation game in stakeholder management and we came out as the winning team. However, I was quite left out because I'm not used to being in simulation games. In my previous experience in taking part in case study games, I normally take a really long time to even get myself into in right context. The other team members were really good. They catch on very fast. But at least it was a good first experience for me. Next, I was in an Emotional Intelligence session and one of the tool that was introduced to us was the gamification of emotional conversation. The objective of the game was to share our lives and our feelings to inspire one another. I enjoyed it a lot. Finally in th

When I'm so tired

I found out today that when I'm very tired, I have a very short temper. And I also heard that the thinking part of our brain is six seconds delayed compared to the emotional part of our brain. This means that when we feel anger for example, we only begin to think and respond properly six seconds after we felt it. And it can spiral into reaction after reaction without realising it, which means our thinking and evaluation never kicks in at all. I'm not sure if that is true, but I certainly must remind myself to wait and not react in emotions when I am tired. pearlie

It's all because of love

I am reading NT Wright and in two of his books, he used this saying by Ludwig Wittgenstein, "It is love that believes the resurrection" - a deep and profound statement I am still unpacking. And I'm still figuring out what Wright means by "Love is the deepest mode of knowing because it is love that, while completely engaging with reality other than itself, affirms and celebrates that other-than-self reality." But I love it when he said that, "All knowing is a gift from God, historical and scientific knowing no less than that of faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love." I am here beginning to see love very, very differently. As a thinking person, I'm always for logic and truth. Love I have placed it under emotions and feeling, though in a much deeper and substantial worth. I remember when I read the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, I felt disappointed that the reason for it all was love. Really? I remember remarking to myself.

Confidence vs. Arrogance

When you really believe in something with all your heart and would do anything to stand your ground, you can come off as arrogant, even though that is the last thing your want to be. There is indeed a fine line between confidence and arrogance. This is what I have observed: One will listen to you and ask you questions to let you have your own opinion. The other will just insist he is right. One will genuinely appreciate your accomplishments even though you both know you are not in his league. The other will put down or dismiss what you have done. One respects those he does not agree with. The other bad mouths them especially behind their back. One is humble. The other is proud. What other behaviors have you seen? pearlie

YouTube Weekend

I spend the entire weekend with videos in YouTube by CBN and Answering Islam . As much as I have no conversion experience, being a third generation Christian, I could experience it vicariously through the testimonies of people in those videos. They were amazing. pearlie

I'm already overwhelmed

I had a meeting in church today discussing about teaching youth in church next year, and the topic chosen was Theology. With the topics that was listed out, I am feeling seriously overwhelmed, even though I will not doing all of them. 1. The Evidence of God 2. The Knowability of God 3. The Names of God 4. The Attributes of God 5. The Trinity 6. The Divine Decrees 7. Calvinism and Arminianism 8. Creation 9. Providence 10. The Origin of Man 11. Man as the Image of God 12. The Origin of Sin 13. The Covenant of Grace pearlie

Isn't it painful when you need to hold back your laughter

I was standing at my colleague's table today taking a break at work when I took and opened up a book on Dilbert's comic found on her desk. I leafed through the pages and read this strip. I found it so utterly funny and not wanting to laugh out so loud in the quiet office that I was really having a hard time! pearlie

Pain God intended

I was going to do something but God put a block to it. He is indeed my pilot and my deliverer. pearlie

The King or the Fairy?

My hubby and I were watching Arrow when we heard a piece of music being played in the soundtrack. My hubby asked me if it was the piece from the Nutcracker Suite. Possible I said, and I tried checking it out via SoundHound. (I just hummed the tune to get it identified - the things we could do these days with technology). It turned out it wasn't the Nutcracker piece but Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King. You take a listen to both these and tell me they don't sound alike. I hear or sing one and would not be able to remember the other. But one does seem more masculine and the other feminine, don't you think so? Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg pearlie

Saving my blog in PDF

I have been blogging since 2006 with daily blogging till 2009, after which it was intermittent till I was back to a daily from 2014 till now. I have a total of 2,256 published posts including this one and I thought it would be good to save an offline copy of my blog. I tried it here in BlogBooker and whilst the results may not be perfect, it can still generate a reasonably good one and it's free. pearlie

My recent interest in superheroes on TV

I seem to be watching a lot of superheroes on TV lately, with my latest on Arrow. But with both Marvel and DC, which do you prefer: DC Vs Marvel: Who Is Winning The Superhero TV War? I am not really a superheroes fan but I grew up with Superman and Batman movies, and I like them. Marvel came with Spider-Man and I was just okay with it. But soon I was into X-Men and The Avengers. And when it comes to the female leads, I am definite for Marvel. I simply could not stand the female leads in DC and I couldn't agree more with this writer when he said the scriptwriters could have done better and develop better characters rather than those that are "narcissistic, vindictive, incredibly self-righteous, and sometimes passive-aggressive," like that of Iris in Flash, Lana in Superman and Laurel in Arrow. Especially Iris in Flash...urgh... Check out the article here . pearlie

A Thousand Words #175

There is no coincidence I am having the worst migraine in years. It's a possible divine obstruction. pearlie Source: myria

When We Grief

Words will not express the grief we feel But by words are how we are made When God said, "Let there be light," And "It's not good for man to be alone," he said The special people he places us with Are those we have come to cherish With whom we spend our time together But some leave us sooner than we wish We suddenly become as lonely as we can ever feel God is with us we know we're told And yet we feel we can never get away from The pull of the darkness, the vortex, the hole Yes, we can, my friend, yes, we can You may not believe it now For God is our best companion It's that simple, that's how Speak to him, he hears He is just by your side You may not see him but feel him He is with you, before you to confide Speak to him as you would any other Your dad beside him is as real as you can imagine The moment you feel you're going to lose it Call to Jesus, he listens, so trust in him And of all the people he has placed you wi

My Gallup Top-5 Strengths and Coursera being a big part of it now

My top-5 Gallup strengths are Connectedness, Intellection, Input, Learner and Empathy. When I first got the results I had no idea what is Connectedness, I don't know why I have Input as one of my top-5, I was proud of my Intellection, I thought Empathy for me was more like a given and I wasn't too impressed with my Learner. My thoughts about my top-5 has now completely changed as I began to understand more about myself and the five Gallup themes. My now most troublesome strength is really Intellection. I can lose myself in it and lose you in a conversation. You'll still be talking away but I will be busy thinking about something you have just said. That's bad. I am most proud of my Input strength. When I finally understand what it represent, I began to see its utility, pun intended (Input is where I collect things because of their utility). This is where my resourcefulness is at its best. Ask my friends and they will attest to the fact that I can usually get th

Reverting to a Previous Version of an iOS app

I usually view through my Apple apps before I update them in my devices but I didn’t do that yesterday and simply proceed to “Update All”. I wouldn’t have known anyway, but Waze’s update was a major one and I was very unhappy with the new version of Waze 4.0. I am so used to the interface of the previous version, but that is not the reason why I was unhappy. New interfaces just need some getting used to and some rewiring of the brain to relearn where to tap and slide for what I want. The reason why I was mad with it was the fact that with my not-so-great eyesight, with both shortsightedness and longsightedness, I could not really see the extremely thin directional lines in the app. So I searched the Internet for a solution and found it here . I managed to revert it back to the previous version, but do take note that when you find the old .ipa file you need in your PC, save a copy of it somewhere. I followed the instructions provided but the file went missing. Thankfully I did save a co

My Coaching Assignment

I began my coaching assignment today as required by the coaching course I am taking under Coursera, using the above Intentional Change Theory (ICT) by Richard Boyatzis. I am obviously incorporating the Gallup StrengthsFinder tool and it went very well. It is helpful to place it in a framework like the ICT. I am looking forward to my second coachee tomorrow and subsequent sessions for both of them. pearlie

What Managers Can Learn From Philosophy

I have signed up for this course in Coursera some weeks ago but have forgotten about it. On top of that, I am currently busy following two courses under their signature programme anyway, and so I wasn't actively looking for any new courses to follow. I was reminded of it by my colleague today and I went to checked it out: On Strategy: What Managers Can Learn From Philosophy . I spent some time on it this morning and almost finished the first lecture and it is really very interesting. There is indeed much to learn about strategy and change from the philosophical point of view - the lecturer posits that there are two kinds of change and the one that he is teaching here refers to change in perception, as opposed to change in reality. I have actually joined in quite late but for this course, I am allowed to readjust my time line and I did just that. I will be finishing the first lecture soon and looking forward to the peer reviewed assignment due end of this week. I am ver

Too much good TV to watch

I caught up with this TV series, Daredevil, recently and I have enjoyed it. I read somewhere that we are at the Platinum Age of Television - there is just too much good TV to watch. I hope I don't waste it all on TV though. pearlie

Enjoy your life!

I received an email from on a special price for this book. And since I am (always) seeking for my purpose in life and with Ecclesiastes being one of my favourite books, I bought a copy and started reading. A Life Well Lived, A Study of the Book of Ecclesiastes by Tommy Nelson I like the way the book began. Here are some of the portions I like: The Book of Ecclesiastes is as close as the Bible gets to pure philosophy. But it's different from most philosophy in that it is not so much an inquiry of one man's mind as it is God's declaration of the meaning of life. Solomon begins with the position that life is vain. He does not mean that it is totally meaningless or that it doesn't have any ultimate purpose. By vain, he means that you live for sixty or maybe seventy years and then you're gone. Life just doesn't have any natural reward of itself. It doesn't automatically head to a climactic point of happiness, meaning, and fruition. It was alright as