Monday, November 09, 2015

My recent interest in superheroes on TV

I seem to be watching a lot of superheroes on TV lately, with my latest on Arrow. But with both Marvel and DC, which do you prefer: DC Vs Marvel: Who Is Winning The Superhero TV War?

I am not really a superheroes fan but I grew up with Superman and Batman movies, and I like them. Marvel came with Spider-Man and I was just okay with it. But soon I was into X-Men and The Avengers.

And when it comes to the female leads, I am definite for Marvel. I simply could not stand the female leads in DC and I couldn't agree more with this writer when he said the scriptwriters could have done better and develop better characters rather than those that are "narcissistic, vindictive, incredibly self-righteous, and sometimes passive-aggressive," like that of Iris in Flash, Lana in Superman and Laurel in Arrow. Especially Iris in Flash...urgh...

Check out the article here.



  1. But then there is Felicity Smoak. I am a big Arrow fan. :)

  2. Oh I am in love with Felicity Smoak - the TV one. She is just too precious!

  3. Always good to see a Super Nerd like Felicity or Barry Allen doing well. ツ

  4. Oh yea...Barry Allen too. I watched some Flash awhile ago and now I see where Felicity Smoak fit in there. They would make a good couple.