Monday, December 14, 2015

Is anyone still blogging anymore?

I found it hard to keep blogging lately but I kept at it desiring to have a complete year of blogging this year. I blog to keep a public journal, which I believe nobody reads other than my current sole blogger friend Kansas Bob (thanks Bob!), who drops in once in a while. I know I do need to connect with other bloggers but I lack the time and energy.

I wrote about blogging before:
Why do I blog? and Why do I blog? 2

I still like to write. I don't have any other places where I can get my thoughts out, not that many come by but no matter. I still like what I do here.



  1. Eh I am reading too. When I'm bored, I go to your blog for entertainment. Haha

  2. I too come from time to time, even leaving comments on old post.

  3. Hey...thanks guys :) I guess I blundered in my generalisation.
    Alex, good to hear from you again - been awhile.
    Thanks Chee Kiat - it's nice to know that I entertain you! Haha
    And thanks Retha - yes, you do comments on my old posts too.

  4. Who is this "Kansas Bob" that you speak of. Heard he sailed of into the sunset a few months ago. ツ

    Regarding blogging, I think that Facebook (a micro-blogging platform) has pretty much replaced blogging. I still enjoy blogging but do it less to interact and more to share what is going on with KC Bob.

  5. Ah Bob, I missed that post of yours. Ok, ok...KC Bob :)
    Yea, FB came and spoilt the game!

  6. Wondering Pearlie if you got my email regarding the Daily Prayer blog? I sent it to both your gmail and yahoo addresses. Thanks.