Sunday, January 10, 2016

Abide in Him #1

I was early in church this morning and whilst I was seated in the pews, I took out my iPad and continued reading where I left off in Hearing God, Developing a Conversational Relationship with God by Dallas Willard.

This statement really brought me closer to God in the praise and worship session that followed: "Our understanding (of God) must grow before we can have any significant appreciation of what we are experiencing on occasions when God intervenes in our lives."

I know we need to worship in spirit and as well as in truth. But I have not been doing that in a long while. I have been singing only for the sake of singing. I was not worshipping. There were too many other things in my mind.

It is time I revive my life in Christ as I learn to abide in Christ. When I worship, God is my main focus, not me and my problems or me and my thoughts, but God and God alone whom I worship.

Again, I need to come back to heart of worship, God alone.



  1. Such a timely word Perlie.

    I wrote a song about this. One of the few we actually use to do at our church. It was based on Job's experience. All I have is a rough of us doing it at church, but the real heart of the song is that God just is and I will abide in Him!... Here is a link to the live version (clearly not me singing lol).

  2. Thanks Susan.
    And thanks Doug, for the link. I could not listen fully to it. Having problem loading it. But sounds great for the first 30 seconds I got to listen to :) it's nice that you get to write songs to sing in church.