Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Buying ebooks

Buying ebooks in kobobooks.com is not fun anymore. There were many promo codes that I could use to get good discounts, but not anymore. And as a result, ebooks are expensive, what more with the weakened Ringgit.

However, in helping a friend find a book he needed, I just found out that Amazon have extended the sale of ebooks to other countries including mine. And the beauty is even though there are no promo codes available, the prices are generally very reasonable.

And since I have yet to complete my collection of the Preaching the Word Commentary Series, I checked up on it. But to my shock, the prices has really gone up, both in Amazon and kobobooks.com. Sigh...now I wish I had bought them all back then when I had unlimited-usage promo codes. I can't afford them now at more than USD30 per copy, in ebook format no less.

I bought the copy on Exodus for just USD6. It's now selling at USD33! Are you kidding me? An increase of 450%? This is too much.


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