Monday, January 25, 2016

No lazying today

It's a public holiday today and I was out practically the whole day, which is unusual. What I usually do during off-days is to stay home and just rest, but I will end up watching TV the whole day and really regret it. But I'm glad it was not so today.

For one, we went shopping! I seldom go shopping with my husband--it's not a preferred activity for him--but we were at 3 shopping malls in one day! For very, very specific purposes though. We were at KLCC to get the ChromeCast adapter replaced. The one we bought yesterday was not working. (It is still not working but that is a different story.) Then we were at Low Yat Plaza. My husband wanted to get some cables and a new tempered glass protector for his phone. We had lunch there. We then decided to go to Sunway Pyramid because I wanted to get an air fryer. I know, there are nearer electrical stores around but I was more used to Sunway Pyramid and what more, we got a good deal and lots of free gifts from our purchase in the Aeon outlet there.

And two, I again had an amazing choir practice on Handel's Messiah led by Chi Hoe Mak. It was just fun and I had a great time singing together.

It was a good day.



  1. I have two Chromecast dongels. Both work well but I use neither very much.

  2. It was only made available in the market for us not too long ago. Apparently, according to our searching the internet, quite a lot of people had the same problem. But it's working now. After so much hassle. Btw, we watch a lot of tv :) Our at least my husband does. He's very happy with it now.