Sunday, January 24, 2016

Televisions through the decades

Ok, I admit. I'm a TV addict. But which of these TVs have you used before? Mine would be from the 1970s. And I still remember one in a red plastic box with only a 12 or 14 inch screen. But I think I've used one from the 1960s with sliding doors that cover the screen when not in use. Yes, sliding doors!

And how we have watched TV has also changed so much over the years. From national free channels (RTM's faithful TV1 and TV2) to private free channels (TV3 in 1984) to paid cable (Mega TV in 1994) to paid satellite (Astro in 1996), all timed and scheduled kind of entertainment, up till now with online streaming. We have the local but limited iFlix and NetFlix was just made available to us some weeks ago. 

I certainly wonder how will it be a decade from now. 


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