Thursday, January 07, 2016

Ten Years!

I've been blogging since 1 Mar 2006 and it will soon be a whole ten years since I've started blogging.

Ten years!

For those who have been following me from the beginning, you would have noticed that I've changed my blog name, again. The first change was on 27 Jan 2007 and the second was done several days ago on 5 Mar 2016.

The interesting about blogging the way I do is that I could read way back through the ten years of blogging and see how I've changed over the years.

For the new year though, I thought it would be timely that I got my blog into Facebook and Google+ where I guess all the action is now.

And I think I should be more active in Facebook, shouldn't I? Who blogs anymore? The thing is, I do.



  1. I miss blogging terribly but it is not like it was before because of everyone being in touch on fb. Yes you should fb more. I still blog, important things I want to retain and keep for my children to know when we are gone. That was my reason for blogging in the beginning. I just don't do it daily, or even weekly, as before. I did blog this morning!!!! And I have another blog ready to go as soon as I receive a phone call I'm waiting on. Glad we have kept in contact the nine years I've been blogging.

  2. Congratulations on ten years of blogging and I guess ten years of friendship. I have always enjoy your blog posts. Cool. Keep blogging.

  3. Hi Susan, I will try to be more in FB - I tend to get lost in it. It has so many different kinds of stuff in it.
    Oh, I like the reason why you blog. I didn't think of that reason. It's a good one.

  4. Hi Alex, same here. Glad to have known you and may the force be with you. (Haha. I've had an overdose of Star Wars.) Anyway, I enjoy your blog too.

  5. Congrats on 10 Pearlie Pearlie. I enjoy reading here.

    Last month was 11 years for me - I think that I have published over 5,000 posts.

    Retired Bob spends way too much time on FB. Not! I do enjoy it but really do not comment as much as I used to. People are really not all that interested in serious discussion on FB. Even so, I occasionally find a person that will exchange comments in such a way that lets me know that they are willing to learn with me.

  6. Thanks Bob. Congrats to you too, your 11th year. 5000 posts is a lot. I have about half of yours - 2470. I have not really posted much half the time. You have been regular.

    I do not want to spend that much time in FB. I fear I will get carried away. But yes, I agree that FBers are not so into serious discussions. pearliepearlie is only linked to FB for a week now, I will monitor and see if it is a good thing after all :)

  7. Whether if it is good to be linked to FB - I just checked my stats. It certainly has risen tremendously!!! I had 1600 views just yesterday alone. That's a lot for my tiny-miny blog! LOL

  8. 1600 views? That is awesome Pearlie!

    I am liking Zapier. Thanks for recommending it to me.