Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two good things today

Two good things happened to me today.

I returned to the gym. Finally. I have not been going since October last year. I know I need to every morning but I kept snuggling deeper into bed. But I finally went this morning. Yay!!! But now I need a compelling reason for me to get up early every day to go to the gym. What shall it be?

I watched iFlix for free today. And will be so for the rest of the year. My colleague told me about it being free for Unifi subscribers. I could not get in my TV, will try to figure that out in the next few days, but I got it without effort in my iPad. All I did was download the app, make sure I'm connected to my Wi-Fi when I opened it and I got connected free automatically. And apparently, I only need to do that for the first sign in using my Unifi account, after which I will be able to use it free even if I'm not in my own Wi-Fi environment.

It's a good day. Simple, but good. And it's the small things in life that I need to learn to appreciate, and be contented with what I already have.


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