Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dessert in just 10 minutes

I am happy that my cooking project is indeed coming along very well. I am no great cook and I only make really simple food for two or three. But so far I am happy and so is my husband and son.

I have not really ventured into that many recipes yet. And I was once told that any regular home cook, not the Master Chef kind, would only cook around ten of the same dishes. Maybe more now I don't know.

After having dinner which I made, I wanted some dessert. The tub of ice cream I picked up from the store was gone. My son must have got to it. I then remembered I have seen some microwave mug cake recipes. Ok, I am a bit slow to the scene but I thought that was a brilliant idea. 

I found this recipe in Ricardo Cuisine for a Moist Chocolate Cake in a Cup. I must say it's nothing like a real piece of cake hot from the oven but with just 5 minutes of preparation, 45 seconds of cooking and 5 minutes of standing time, it is an excellent dessert, spongy and chocolaty. I only wished I had some whipped cream to go with it.  I am certainly adding it into my groceries list for my get next trip to the store. 


P/S 28 Mar 2016: I tried this other recipe and it's way better: The Moistest Chocolate Mug Cake. This is definitely a keeper. I did not have chocolate spread and used bits of a milk chocolate bar. Yummmmy...

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