Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mobile Phone Nostalgia

Do you remember the first ever mobile phone you owned?

I was using Nokia phones starting with the big bright yellow one until I had my then favourite Sony Ericsson W850i. I'm now a die-hard Apple fan. But looking at the pictures made me miss my W850i. I really liked that phone. 

I once blogged about my PDA/Device Nostalgia, and here's my Mobile Phone Nostalgia.

Nokia 5110 (1998)

Nokia 8310 (2001)

Nokia 6680 (2005)

Sony Ericsson W850i (2007)

iPhone 3G (2009)

Blackberry Bold 9700 (2009)

iPhone 4 (2011)

iPhone 4S (2012)

iPhone 5S (2013)

iPhone 6S (2016)


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