Monday, February 08, 2016

Netflix? So disappointing

Netflix was just recently made available to us here in Malaysia and since I have already signed up for iflix free for a year, I thought I'd register Netflix's free one-month during the CNY break, which I just did. 

Verdict? It's disappointing. 

I was surprisingly quite impressed with iflix given that I was being told that it doesn't offer much - mostly older movies and not the latest seasons of TV shows. And so my expectations on Netflix was high. It was disappointing however because its selection was really, really limited. Even iflix has Mr. Robot, Criminal Minds, Scandal, The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory. Netflix does not. 

And I really thought I could watch anything in Netflix.



  1. We regularly binge on Netflix. Here are shows that are, IMO, bingeworthy. And if one is a fan of Breaking Bad, they might want to add "Better Call Saul" to the list. ツ

  2. Only a few in your list is available to us. At the moment, in Netflix, I am watching How to Get Away with Murder. Last night, I got curious over this series called Jane the Virgin and ended up the whole night watching a few episodes - pretty lame but it is also quite hilarious, and maybe that is why it garnered 100% fresh from Rotten Tomatoes and won several Golden Globe awards.

    I am not a Breaking Bad fan. I've watched Person of Interest, Daredevil (loved it!), a bit of The Americans, and Continuum. My hubby is a die-hard fan of Battlestar Gallatica.

    But yea, bingeing is bad but I am still doing it!!!