Monday, February 01, 2016

Trying out being crafty to being booksy

I said yesterday that I'm getting behind in my reading. That is true but I have been thinking about getting into crafts this year and that means I will have to cut down on my reading. I won't have time for both. 

I've posted two days ago that I need to get back to cooking and that will be my Project #1 Back to the Kitchen

My second will be Project #2 Start to Knit Again. I came across an article several weeks ago that people who knit are happier people.  I've knitted once a really long time ago. And I remember it was quite therapeutic for me. It will also be a memorial for my late grandmother who taught me that first time. I have been missing her lately. I just went to a knitting supply store nearby and found out that this is going to be one expensive hobby. A ball of yarn actually cost as much as RM40. To make a scarf of a decent size would require 10 balls of yarn and that will cost me up to RM400. It's crazy! So I bought a much, much cheaper range just to try it out. And if I like it, I will then invest in the more expensive kind. 

I found this photo in Kar Yong's Facebook, and I thought what an amazing piece of work by Claire Khoo. It's a live sketch and I thought it an excellent way for retention and for taking notes. I want to try it out and so this will be my Project #3 Take Sketch Notes Though I'm Definitely No Artist

Okay, having three new projects is definitely being too ambitious but let's see how it goes in the next couple of months, shall we?


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