Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dave ★★★★★

Dave (1993)

I was looking for a movie to watch in iFlix today when I noticed this one called "Dave". It is quite an old movie but I have not heard of it before. I read the introduction to the movie and thought it would be one movie I'd enjoy. 

I was right. It was funny and interestingly unpredictable. I was wondering all along how the plot is going to unfold, which is pretty rare these days. I'd usually would have sort of worked out plots of movies midway through. And I like how it all unfolded in the end. A really good watch. 



  1. I saw this one at the theater when it came out. One of my favorite White House movies.

  2. That was so long ago and you still remember. Proves it is a good movie :)

  3. Must admit that I am a Sigourney fan. Loved the way that her character's relationship with Dave changed. Great ending.