Sunday, March 20, 2016

Earworms: I learnt something new today

I did not know it is referred to as an "earworm", a piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing. 

I have always had earworms almost every day of my life and it does not really bother me unless I have them when I need to fall asleep. The most memorable ones was when I went caroling during Christmas time in my young days. The carols will go on and on and on in my head when I'm in bed after a long night of caroling from 6pm to 12 midnight, sometimes even one in the morning. I remember I was so irritated with those earworms.

I have not been actively caroling for many years now and so I don't have that problem anymore. I do get an earworm every other day though, songs I have heard in the airwaves or any song that would just appear out of nowhere and they do not really bother me. Quite often they can even be classical music too.

But what has been with me the whole of today is obviously earworms from The Messiah. Whilst it has been a torture for my other fellow sopranos, I hadn't minded them actually. I take them as reliving good music and good memories. 

I only hope it won't last into the night later when I need to sleep. Surprisingly, I stayed clear of them last night though I only slept at 3am because my mind was still so active. Endorphins they say, as a result of 3 straight hours of music. 

I pray I will sleep well tonight with no earworms. 


P/S morning of 21/3/2016: thankfully I had no earworms before I fell asleep but the amusing thing was that I ended up dreaming I was attending The Messiah concert in a cruise ship as part of the audience and that I had slept through the entire work until the last part when I woke up (in my dream) but it was still intermission. Nobody sang anything in the dream. And then I woke up (for real) with earworms in my head. I keep hearing a mesh of Chi Hoe, the bass, singing Why do the Nations so Furiously Rage Together and The Trumpet Shall Sound. 

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