Sunday, March 13, 2016

Live Sermon Sketchnotes: one too short, the other too fast

I am getting the hang of making live sketchnotes and I really enjoy it, but the one last week and today was pretty challenging. 

Living in Obedience by Rev Dr Yu Chee Huat

Last week's sermon was only 10 minutes long because of a long church report before that and the pastor had to cut his sermon down to end the service in time for the second service. I thought I did a pretty good job with the header to waste it! And the gist of the message is important in that we must open our ears to the voice of God and not to be confused with our own.

Building Bridges That Last by Rev Mike Constantine

I felt today's sermon was preached very quickly. I suppose it is because the preacher had a 7-point sermon! The one thing that I take home with me is this: when it comes to people that you just do not like, try asking them for help and when they come to you in a big way, you will never not like them ever again. I thought that was a good lesson. 


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