Saturday, March 19, 2016

Music in heaven!

We had our second and final night of performing The Messiah today. I was more at ease and calm compared to yesterday where I was too overly excited. And as such I really enjoyed myself singing today. I was so happy and joyful I was able to make beautiful music for the Lord. 

Halfway through when I was seated in the choir seats not singing but enjoying the beautiful music played by the absolutely fabulous orchestra and the arias by the soloists, it dawned on me what a good place I was in. 

Rather than seated in an audio room listening to The Messiah CD, or seated in the hall right there watching and listening to the singers and the orchestra, I'm actually in one of the best seats of all. I get to hear such excellent music and on top of it I get to sing in it for real! How awesome is that. 

My fellow good friend and choir mate, Ee-Tan commented that we will certainly be experiencing a singing overload what with our final session of four vocal workshops tomorrow at church, together with the two long grueling months we spent with The Messiah. I thought and then shared with her there will never ever be a singing overload because we are made to sing and make music!

Worship in heaven is forever and ever but of course worship is not only through music. I believe whatever we do in future in the new heaven and new earth is in fact done in worship to God. But that will certainly still involve lots of singing. Music is so much a part of us as human, as created beings in God's image. 

I would imagine a choir of thousands and thousands of people, with a huge orchestra of thousands and thousands of violins and violas and trumpets and tubas and flutes and oboes and timpanis and drums and guitars and basses and what have you, here, there and everywhere all making joyful music unto the Lord. 

And imagine a mesh of new music by Handel and Bach with John Rutter and Tom Fettke and all the company of heaven. 

Wouldn't that be an amazing sight, and amazing place to be in. Oh how I look forward to that! Wouldn't you?!


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