Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Handel's Messiah: 2 more days and we are on!

We had a technical rehearsal today getting the sound right and all the technicalities in place. I am in the choir seated at the side at the back behind the orchestra. And this was how it looks like from my vantage point with Paul Baker as the conductor. 

The soloists are fabulous, as well as the orchestra and I really encourage you to come and listen to this wonderful piece of oratorio by Handel. It will be staged at Grace Convention Center this coming Friday and Saturday. Tickets are at RM48 a piece from

As for the choir, Paul just referred to us as "small and delicate". I suppose he is just being witty because the orchestra is quite big compared to our 30-or-so-member choir and they do need to scale down their volume so as not to drown us. But I must say that compared to when we started, we have come a long way and I do say that we sounded pretty good during rehearsal. 

I must admit that at first I was quite overwhelmed with the twice-a-week three-hour long never-ending practices but now I'm glad because it has certainly paid off. And I have learnt so much and I am so glad to be a part of this amazing piece of music on the birth, the passion and the resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ. 

To find out more about it, Paul and the alto soloist was in an interview this afternoon in BFM. Take a listen to the podcast here:

Handel’s Music for Easter
Paul Baker, conductor | Gabrielle Maes, alto soloist
16-Mar-16 14:00


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