Blissful Weekend

Sunday, April 03, 2016

I had a lovely weekend of cooking and eating and TV. Bliss!

I made dry curry chicken and watched the entire season 1 of Fresh Off the Boat. Totally hilarious. I then started watching Mr Selfridge. Very interesting series. 

And why does this blogpost sound like a Facebook post. Looks like I have finally been Facebooked. Bad. 


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4 comment(s)

  1. Hahaha yes, we all have been influenced by FB!! I used to blog but now only FB even if it's some `momentus events' My Tumblr blogs are there but hardly updated.. at least you still blog hehe..

  2. Love weekends like that Pearlie. We like Selfridge but have not started the new season yet. But we do have it recorded. ツ

  3. Ee-Tan, you must get back to your blog but then again you do writing for a living - might as well write for cash :)

  4. Bob, yea these are the nice kinda weekends. I am halfway through Selfridge - all drama but interesting. I think I should have access to Season 2 too, I hope :D