Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crazy hot weather

The weather has been crazy here recently. It's the evening at 7pm and the temperature reads at 33-degrees C (91.4F) but feels like 42 (107.6).

I have been sweating like a pig!

It was discussed in Facebook in a friend's page recently about sweating like a cow, my friend said, and a pig as someone corrected though it was made clear that cows and pigs for that matter don't sweat as much because a cow does not have many active sweat glands and a pig would wallow in mud to cool off. 

I then learnt that "sweating like a pig" has nothing to do with pigs. It's actually a reference to pig iron, a form of crude iron as first obtained from a smelting furnace. It says here: "When pig iron is originally created from iron ore, the smelter needs to heat the ore to extreme temperatures, and then move the liquid metal into the mold. Until the liquid cools, it can't be safely moved, as the extremely hot metal is liable to spill, burning whatever it comes in contact with.   How does the smelter know when the metal is cool enough to transport? When the "pigs" "sweat." As the metal cools, the air around it reaches the dew point, causing droplets to form on the metal's surface."

Yes, a furnace. It's that hot!



  1. LOL! I am just sweating crazy - thought a cow that works harder would sweat more than a pig! But maybe human sweat more in such weather! It was 37C at noon in KL..

  2. A cow looks too cool to sweat...hahaha