Tuesday, April 05, 2016

First the oats, now the milk

When I posted my breakfast photo yesterday, I knew I'd get flak for the milk being low fat. And true enough I did; a friend both texted me and left a comment in my Facebook page, God bless her. 

I did hear that's the latest, that it's bad for you but I had not checked out the facts. Interestingly on this one, my son favours full cream to low fat. 

When I googled it, I find most of the articles calling for whole milk but then I read stuff like this: The belief that fat isn’t a health villain has been gaining traction the last few years, especially as data has piled up showing that low-fat diets don’t work. And while national health organizations seem to be softening their stance on fat, they still recommend reaching for low- or non-fat dairy at the supermarket.

It's like the egg-yolk's-bad-for-you-now-it's-good-for-you-oh-no-now-it's-bad situation all over again. 

So what do I do? I think I'll just leave it be for now till the science is more conclusive. I buy full cream milk for home consumption anyway. 

Source: TIME

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