Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My dependence on the cloud

I got news today that my 30G of free space in OneDrive will be discontinued and that it will be reverting to its basic 5G. 

I keep a lot of my stuff in OneDrive because of the large free space it offers and so that I will be able to get access to it wherever I am and whenever I need to. And now with the loss of that space, I will have to look for other options. 

I was reviewing all the cloud accounts I have and realize I do have a Box account that I have not really used. I have 50G of free space in there. There were some limitations which was why I have not used it much before. Looks like I have to transfer my stuff over before they reduce my space in OneDrive. 

But I might have to think about other alternatives what if Box also decides to do the same. 



  1. Pearlie, you can use transfer your data from One Drive to Box using a web based program

  2. Hey. Been awhile since we connected :) how have you been?
    Thanks for the recommendation. I'm doing it manually because I'm taking the opportunity to clean up the data. Will take a lot of time but something I might as well do with the change of cloud storage.