Saturday, April 23, 2016

No more carrots for me

Carrots are suppose to be good, right? Not necessary, it turned out.

I had a really bad tummy ache today. It felt like gastric pains and I thought it was because I skipped lunch. I had eaten a huge stick of carrot later in the afternoon. And after that my stomach was in so much pain. 

I also had the same pain a week ago and it dawned on me that it was also after I ate a carrot. And so I started to search for an answer. 

It seems now that I have an intolerance to too much fiber. Eating raw carrots can cause abdominal pains because "it’s common for some people to have difficulty digesting vegetables, such as carrots, which will cause excessive gas. Gas develops when certain carbohydrates remain undigested and interact with bacteria in your digestive system...If you don’t eat a high-fiber diet normally and you consume a large amount of raw carrots, you may develop stomach pain from suddenly increasing the amount of fiber in your diet."

Who would have known? I thought fiber is good for you but apparently not too much. So it looks like no more raw carrots for me, or any tough raw vegetables for that matter. 

Check it out here for more information. 


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