Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's this about married life?

I had the privilege to attend the Ladies Fellowship Ministry meeting in church today where they had a guest speaker, Mr Lee Wee Min, from Focus on the Family Malaysia to talk about marriage. It was an insightful session, and too bad my husband could not attend. 

He spoke about the basic five items couples should focus on for a good and fulfilled marriage relationship. I cannot remember them all but they consist of stuff around communication, making time, trust and the rekindling of romance. These were the most common subjects discussed in couple counseling sessions. 

What impressed me most from the session was the realization that married couples nowadays need to make time for each other. We live in a busy world and not only are we busy with work and kids and chores and church, we are also too busy with our own digital devices. We need to make time for frequent face to face chats just to talk about normal ordinary things. We need to chat and laugh about trivial things. We need to go on dates again. 

There is this Marriage Conference Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage that will be held on 2 July 2016. Couples who longs to rekindle and strengthen their married life should attend it. 

I also checked out the Focus on the Family Malaysia site and found this interesting: The Drop Box, Charity Movie Screening, 29 May 2016. It is a film about a South Korean pastor who built a baby box at his home to receive unwanted babies. I must say it is quite controversial but for the single mothers there, at least they have this option. 

There are lots more events at the FOTF website. Marriage, parenting and youth programmes. Go check it out.


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