Saturday, May 21, 2016

A good me-time afternoon


I am having a nice me-time this afternoon with a cup of coffee and lemon slice. I know...I know...I did say I don't drink coffee much anymore but I didn't say I don't drink it at all. Just less. 

I am sitting here doing my stuff, mostly on 7 Cups but my attention was also on this family at my diagonal left. I noticed them first when the 4-5 year old girl sneezed into her cup and her father began scolding her angrily for getting sneezed onto his arm or something. I thought it was funny, I am even chuckling right now because it was a really good sneeze. Haha. 

That was 15 minutes ago and the father and daughter are now having a really good time talking and playing and laughing. This brings me to marvel at the human relationships that God gives to us in families. 

I find myself being like what the father angrily did to his daughter with my son. And after I berate him, I'd feel so guilty and ashamed. But in no time at all, my son and I would talk and behave like nothing bad has happened and it will be all good again. But I do apologize, especially when I know I have gone beyond the line. Ahh...parenthood. 

Anyway, it has been awhile since I've had a nice me-time like this, having coffee at the coffee shop, no TV to watch but watching people. 

And now a one-year old kid at the next table is talking to me, in kiddy talk of course and I just said "hi".

I must do this again soon. 


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