Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Do Asians really have no questions to ask?

I was at a conference today when a speaker asked if there were any questions from the floor after his presentation. Even before anyone asked any, he went on to tell a story of how another speaker, who was foreign, openly reminded himself he was in Malaysia and should not expect any questions. I am not sure about you, but I found that an insult.

Yes, I agree that Asians aren't as forthcoming in asking questions after speaking sessions or classes but we are not without any questions either. I have been to many local conferences where questions abound.

For me, it boils down to the quality of the speaker. If the speaker had not provided me with any insightful thoughts, where would the questions come from? I would have nothing relevant to ask if they have not caused me to think and to want to discover more.

I know I am one with loads of questions if the speaker had successfully stirred my curiosity or taught me something so new and interesting I want to know more.

So speakers, if there aren't any questions from the floor, you have not said anything interesting or insightful.



  1. Agree with that last sentence Pearlie. A good sermon should probably be about creating questions rather than providing answers. ツ

  2. Good point about sermons. But usually speakers will be obligated to provide the answer as well, unless they can create in the church questions about their behavior and obedience which they may need to change to please and honour God.

  3. Some of the best sermons are the ones that expound on the scriptures providing different interpretations of them. I find that, generally speaking, questions make us think while answers do not always engage us in the message.