Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Do you read instruction manuals?

Whatever for? Just switch it on and play!

So do you read instruction manuals? We discussed this during lunch and two of my colleagues and I, out of the seven of us, gave a very loud no. So I'm assuming my other four colleagues do. 

The interesting thing is all three of us are INFPs. So with that, I can safely say that most INFPs would never read a manual unless we are forced to. This is probably because we find step-by-step instructions too detailed and uninteresting. When we begin something new, we'd like to just go for it with an expectation to learn and discover new things as we go along in serendipity. 

I will only try to read a manual when I think I have to. That is with the exception of the IKEA instruction manuals when I need to assemble stuff I get but then again, there is no reading required. I have with me instead simple and clear frame by frame instructions of assembly.

On the contrary, when I bought a pressure cooker a few weeks ago, I thought since it is a riskier product than most, I had better read the manual carefully. But when I did, I couldn't go more just than a few paragraphs! I had problem figuring what it was saying exactly and what items or parts it was referring to. I ended up having to look for some videos in YouTube to get an idea how it works. It was much simpler and I ditched the manual. 

So there. No manuals for me. Just like the iPhone. None is provided. And you wouldn't need one anyway. 


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