Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mothers are not always right

It was a good service today as the church celebrated Mother's Day, although I have some misgivings about celebrating us on the Lord's day, more so the sadness it brings to some people, especially to single women and especially the barren, God bless them. I am okay with the acknowledgment but not a celebration. 

Nevertheless, the message from the sermon and a mother's sharing was clear. We as parents need to be genuine and we need to be humble. We are not always right. We are fallible human beings. We need to admit it when we are wrong and we definitely need to ask for forgiveness from our children. 

This is a good lesson that is apart from all the messages as to how great moms are. We are not great, but we are there whenever our children needed us. We do our best but sometimes make mistakes. We try to make it as best as possible for them. Sometimes we may seem to be unfair but we thought it may be the best for them. Sometimes we may seem to be uncaring but we thought we need to teach independence. But sometimes we are definitely wrong and we need to be told that and apologize. 

God gave us the privilege to be parents. Our children are gifts from him and are placed in our care and to be loved. Our love is not perfect but we pray we will teach and lead them into godly people, pleasing and a fragrance to our God. 



  1. That is oh so very true Pearlie about parenting. As well as the thoughts on this type of day.
    (ps. I met you via Penlesswriter, long ago, visiting you with a "new identity")

  2. Hi there! Thanks for your comments. Good to hear from you again. Gone were the times where many of us got very well connected over blogging. It's pretty slow now, blogs, and so I'm glad we connected again. Will certainly look you up on your new identity. And yes, I've changed my blog look and identity too. I was Pearlie Gates before ;)