Monday, May 16, 2016

NT Wright's Online Courses

I was aware of NT Wright's upcoming lectures on Romans and thanks to Kar Yong's reminder, I just checked it out only to realize that he has several MOOC lectures already running in and here am I, a MOOC proponent never realizing that my favourite writer is actually running MOOC lectures. But they are not free though, like the other MOOC lectures I that have been following, which explains why I did not know. I have not registered myself in yet because they do not give an option to take any courses free.

He has now six courses made available, including the Romans one which doesn't seem to be listed yet in though you can access it from his own website. Check them out here in his website where you can send in requests for discounts. The link to the Romans one is here.

  • Simply Jesus
  • Simply Good News
  • Worldviews, the Bible and the Believer
  • Paul and His Letter to the Philippians
  • Paul and His Letter to the Galatians
  • Paul and His Epistle to the Romans

Check out this 20-min video of his Introduction to Romans and see if it will whet your appetite. 


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