Saturday, May 07, 2016

Rosemary is for remembrance

My dad's memory is getting worse these days. He is not able to maintain his working memory for long. 

Recently, I found this article that says that based on research, smelling rosemary improved the memories of people over 65 by an average of 15%. I need to now get some rosemary essential oil to try it out with him. I am not sure however, where I can get it and would most probably have to resort to an online purchase. 

In addition, the article claims that peppermint tea can improve alertness while chamomile does indeed provide a calming effect. Lavender, though, impairs the memory.

And it looks like I should reduce my use of lavender even though it's my favourite scent. But lavender apparently helps one to rest and sleep. Maybe it helps you forget about the day and makes you more relaxed and help you then to be restful. I only hope the memory impairment is temporary. 

Click here for the article. 


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