Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why did the chicken cross the road?


I am still on the 16-type personality and was reminded of these responses I read in some forum to the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

The answers that you would expect each of them to give is just too hilarious. And I am sure you will be able to identify your friends in some of these. I can definitely see my friends who are INTP, INTJ, ISTJ, ESFP, ESTP and my ISTP husband saying these. 

ENTJ : Because I ordered it to cross the road

ENTP: Imagine if chickens continually keep crossing the road. It could be used as a renewable power source!

INTJ: Chickens are stupid.

INTP: Er, I didn't see it. Must have been thinking about something else...

INFJ: How can you be so insensitive as to question the motive of the poor innocent chicken?

INFP: The chicken probably felt unhappy with itself, and since the other side of the road had a more positive feel, it crossed to find inner harmony.

ENFP: A chicken crossing the road? This must be a sign that the world is eventually becoming a better place. Rejoice!

ENFJ: I always knew that the chicken would finally muster up enough courage to cross the road, it just needed a bit of gentle encouragement.

ESFP: Because there was a party on the other side!

ISFP: Such a beautiful setting with a chicken crossing a road in the sunset...

ESTP: We had a bet going if it would cross or not, and I persuaded it to cross.

ISTP: If it's not stuck underneath my wheels, I don't care.

ESTJ: Because it was illegal for chickens to remain on that side of the road.

ISTJ: The chicken crossed the road at exactly 15:35, and the crossing took 25 seconds. The reason is unimportant.

ESFJ: Because I helped it cross of course, otherwise the cars would've driven over it, the poor thing.

ISFJ: Because it was God's intention that it would cross the road.


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