Monday, June 13, 2016

An incident on the road


I was traveling from Penang to Ipoh when a truck I was overtaking had an explosion in one of its tyres. I am so thankful we are alright. The driver did not lose control of the truck. It slowed down and stopped at the shoulder of the road and I drove on. I felt something did hit my car. I stopped at the next available rest area to check. It was alright. Only the side of the door was marked with a dark spot where I think it got hit by rubber. Most importantly, we are ok. 

When I shared this with my colleagues at work, our health and safety manager sent us the above picture with the following:

When passing large lorries especially trailers, pass quickly. Make sure that it is safe to pass, do it on a straight road and not when nearing a turn-off or junction. Make it easy for the driver to see you and provide you space. 

Do not linger alongside a trailer lorry as it is very risky. Incidents of heavy vehicle tyre blowouts is becoming more frequent, and it can cause flying tire debris and cargo to be flung towards you, or the heavy vehicle may swerve and lose control. Either way, your life can be in serious danger.

Stay alert and cautious when driving near big lorries or trailers as sharing the road with them can be dangerous if you are not aware of the hazards.

I thank God for the safe journey. 


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