Thursday, June 23, 2016

Debunking myths of what you thought you knew

 BFM Podcast: Heart Disease, Diabetes & Hypertension Epidemic - Debunking Myths

My hubby insisted that I listen to this podcast by BFM and so I did. It's very good and I found many helpful tips and information.

For one, it is a health talk that is relevant to us as Malaysians and it comes with funny and self-deprecative anecdotes from the speakers including remarks on how health problems differs between the Malay, Indian and Chinese ethic races in the country that was quite insightful. 

What I also found useful was a short reference to the latest fad on virgin coconut oil. I have been recommended to take it regularly to lose weight and improve my health but I wanted more information and proof before I go all out on it, especially when it is a decision I would not be able to undo. 

It was a question from the floor and the dietitian replied with a remark that oil is not something that we drink! I totally agree with that. She said even if you do choose to do it, you need to keep it within the 30% of your daily calories intake. 

It was just a short reply to the question but I finally know how to search for what I need to know in the Internet. I have been googling it but all I get are websites purporting the benefits of virgin coconut oil. But now, I searched for a dietitian's advice and found this useful website with good information. 

My decision on coconut oil would be a no. Can you imagine taking something that is 92% saturated fats? And even though it is good in certain ways compared to the other oils, I don't think it will be a good idea to take three whole tablespoons a day. There is not enough empirical proof to its benefits nor has there been a study of its side effects. 

So in order to lose weight, I'd take the doctor's advice in the podcast anytime, that is to reduce food intake portions by half and exercise regularly. 

Of course, easier said than done though. 


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