Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Frustrations in getting train tickets from KTM

Following our trip to the south for work last week, my colleague and I were contemplating taking the new express train on our next journey to the north.

I found that I could purchase tickets online but there was a problem - I could not purchase them in a set. I am required to pay separately for tickets from KL to Butterworth, from Butterworth to Ipoh, and from Ipoh to KL. I refused to do that because after purchasing for the first leg of the trip, I might not be successful in getting tickets for the subsequent legs.

Phone calls made to the KTM ticket centers were to no avail - no one picked up the phone.

So we decided to take the monorail from our office to KL Sentral today to buy the tickets in person.

Results? Zilch!

We had to take a number to buy the tickets and we got the number 3552, whereas the number they were serving then were 3458! That is 94 people away! We took a walk around KL Sentral to pass time but when we got back about an hour later, they have only served 20 or so people. So we decided to just give up on the train and take the car instead. So much for wanting to do some reading on the train.

Maybe the timing was not right for us with it being the Ramadhan month and many would be getting tickets to return to their home town in the coming Hari Raya break. But whatever it is, if they had a good online purchasing system, the experience would have been good instead of bad.

I really love train rides, but alas, it's not to be.


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