Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How I got my airbag changed in half a day

Honda has announced the recall of cars with relation to the faulty airbag some time last year and I had immediately checked to see if my car was affected.

It was.

But when I called my regular Honda workshop to get it changed, they kept telling me that I need to wait for the letter from Honda.

I just got the letter last week on Thursday.

A death was reported this week on Monday of a woman who got involved in a small collision. The airbag was deployed and she was killed from material protruding from the steering wheel.

I went on the alert and felt I need to get the airbag in my steering wheel changed immediately. I called the same Honda workshop. The earliest date that they can set an appointment for me was August 18! This means I will be at risk for one and a half months. I know I have driven my car for seven years without any incidents, but because of the reported death, I am getting paranoid.

I quickly called another workshop and thankfully they welcomed walk-ins. I went there immediately, waited two and a half hours to get registered, and another hour for the airbag to be changed.

But I got it done in a half a day. At least now I can drive around without a nagging feeling that I might get into an accident and die.


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