Sunday, June 05, 2016

How is Christian Living Paradoxical?

How is Christian Living Paradoxical? 2 Cor 4:7-12
Pastor Phillips Koh

Pastor said that our lives as Christians is with suffering and we are not immuned to it because we live in a fallen world and we exist, for now, in a frail and weak body. 

That is so true, particularly when asked why is the world in suffering if we have a loving God. It's not because God is not loving but because we are fallen and weak.

But in Christ we are afflicted but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not abandoned, and struck down but not destroyed. 

This is the mark of a Christian life - the renewal from God through Jesus, that we live our lives in him and through him, carrying the death of Jesus while living a resurrected life through him. 



  1. I have been thinking lately about the idea of voluntary suffering. It seems different from involuntary suffering. The suffering of Christ was voluntary in nature. Challenges me to enter the suffering of those who suffer. I wonder if the Christ in us is the way that we help those who suffer to not feel crushed, destroyed or abandoned?

  2. Ah...I see you and I realised I forgot my Friday prayer, again. I thought I got the hang of it already but I have been travelling on that day and when my schedule is different, I forget. I have just posted A Traveller's Prayer :) and I like it.

    Anyway, a very interesting thought you have there -- voluntary suffering. And yes, I am thinking that Jesus's suffering is really voluntary as he gave up his place in heaven and came down to humble himself as a man and even to death on the cross.

    Your challenge to enter the suffering of others I think is where the body of Christ comes into the picture, when one suffers all suffer and when one rejoices all rejoice. But of course, we voluntary suffer for the unbelievers too as we spread the love of God to them.

    As to whether we help those who suffer not to feel crushed, destroyed or abandoned is I think the same as in where we are one body of Christ. We also depend on each other.

    Great thoughts you have there, thanks!