Monday, June 27, 2016

When I die

I was looking through my list of passwords to housekeep it when I noticed one on this website I had subscribed to before back in 2013 -

I have blogged about it before here and here.

Almost three years have passed and I have not really got it all in place. I am such a procrastinator. It is time I relook into this and keep it updated.

The idea behind this website is simple. It give us a way to say some last words to someone when we can no longer do it in person.

The process is simple, you first write notes and letters to family and friends, as many as you like, as long as you like. These letters will be encrypted and stored securely on the website. You then specify several people as SafeGuards to help protect your notes. They will not be able to read your notes but they will be the ones to confirm when your notes are to be read, yes, when you die.

If you are interested yourself, check it out here.


P/S on 30 June 2016: my good friend Ee-Tan commented on Facebook that the right thing to say is "When I Die" rather than "If I Die". The reason is self-explanatory. I have changed my title of this post to the right one, though the website is still on "If I die".

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