Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Living a life in adagio

Crescendoes and Diminuendos, Meditations for Musicians and Music Lovers
by Jack Coleman

I have been using a book by NT Wright for our devotion time in Grace Notes, but I have received feedback that it is too long and deep for our purpose. And so I thought I should go get something better and more suitable for our team, and found this book by Jack Coleman.

What the writer did was to choose fifty two most used musical terms and write about them. They are short and very poignant for us to contemplated as choralists and musicians.

For example, the first devotion I shared with the group from the book today was on the musical term "adagio". It means to be "at east", at a slow tempo. It does not only imply a tempo but also a quality of movement. So if a musician can think of working the movement of their music, it is one without stress or tension, attaining a quality of ease.

Coleman goes on to share that we need to be at ease as well with our fellow partners in service, to be filled with the love of God in our behaviour with one another.

We took the lesson in the sense that we need to also be at ease in our living our everyday life, which is a challenge with life stresses and difficulties. But it is a very good quality of life to have, that is to life our lives in Christ in adagio, trusting in him fully that we are in his hands, whatever the weather, whatever the circumstances.


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