Wednesday, June 15, 2016

M Boutique Hotel Ipoh - a photographer's haven

When we were deciding where to stay while we were planning our Ipoh trip, we found this most interesting hotel - M Boutique Hotel Ipoh. When we arrived, we found that it's a shop terrace kind of hotel but with the most interesting, rustic and quaint decor - just my type.

M Boutique Hotel Ipoh (photo from

The hotel address (photo from

The rooms booked for us were the small ones - very small ones. Perfect for one, very tight for two. No way for a family of three.

I tried to take a panoramic picture of it. Don't be deceived by the size as shown here. The width of the room is the width of the curtains.

Here is how it looks from my bed - horse theme.

I love the rustic wardrobe.

The chandelier in my room.

The wooden horse I wish I could take home with me.

The bathroom is small, just like home. I would want mine like this too. (photo from

The waiting area, ground floor, when we arrived in the evening.

The back entrance to the carpark area.

The reading room at the first floor.

Coffee house in the morning where we had our breakfast.

The mini shop at the coffee house.

At the entrance to the coffee house.

Waiting area in the morning.

The reception and check in counter. Their staff are nice and friendly.

The waiting area and reception counter.

Even their toilet sink is interesting.

The hotel souvenir shop where we did spend quite a lot of time in and a fair bit of money as well.

We hope to be back real soon.


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