Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wonderful things of the world #1: Forelle Pears


I would like to start a series called Wonderful Things of the World. It all began one afternoon some weeks ago when I was at the office. It was lunch time but I felt like just having fruits. So off I went to the grocery store and bought a Forelle pear. It was quite a sizable one and it was so yummy. 

What a wonderful thing that God has made. 

I was at the morning market today. I drove my son to college this morning and on the way back, I thought I'd find a place for a good breakfast, and ended up having a good stroll in the busy morning market in OUG. 

And at the fruit stall, there it was: a whole pile of Forelle pears, and I bought ten. It was RM10 for five, but I felt five was too few. Ten was too many, but who's counting. 



  1. I am not a liker of pears Pearlie but I really like your Wonderful Things theme. Now all you need is a hashtag for it. ツ

    Oh. I caught the "drove my son to college". Hard to believe he is in college. I am feeling old.

  2. Hash tags in a blog? I am not sure :)
    Yea, he just started college - an American Degree Transfer Programme actually.