Monday, July 25, 2016

Back to the School of Christ: CEP/KVBC 2016 Day 1

I attended the first day of the CEP Preaching Conference today followed by the KVBC in the evening. It was a long 16-hour day having left my house at 7 am and only arrived back home at 11pm. It was indeed strenuous but a most blessed day as well. 

The speakers we had were David Cook, Paul Barker, Andrew Reid and DA Carson. It felt so wonderful to be again soaked in the Word of God with good insights from these excellent speakers.

I must say I wasn't very sure why when I signed up for this. I had not been attending this conference since the last one I attended in year 2010. I just thought I should get back to it and without much of an after thought, I just went ahead to register and paid for it. 

It was only after this day one of the conference that I know that it was the Spirit who drew me to it. I needed it. Thank you Jesus. 

The best years of my life was when I was pursuing my theological studies, when I was happily wading and swimming deep in the word of God. Ever since I graduated in year 2011, I have not been steeping my life in his Word as much, and I miss it so much. 

And so this is really a back to the school of Christ for me. As a result of the day and night long conference, a yearning for the Word is again growing from the inside. And I look forward to the next two days and from there to more and more of Christ in my life. 


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