Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Being an analogical stomach: CEP 2016 Day 3

From L-R: Ng Kam Weng, Chris Green, Andrew Reid, Tan Kay Hoe, Paul Barker, DA Carson, David Cook

It was a good closing to the three full days packed with the feeding of the Word of God. It was such a huge and massive intake of spiritual food that by the end of today, I was like a sponge that cannot take in anymore. And so, I chose not to attend KVBC in the evening and returned home after the CEP conference ended at 5:00pm. 

With the conference, my hope and desire is to relaunch myself back into the ministry of the Word. I love to learn and to teach. DA Carson commented that if he were to akin himself to a part of the body, he'd be a stomach. He takes in food, digests it and then distributes nutrients to the other parts of the body. I thought that was a brilliant analogy. I'd like to be a stomach too but in comparison to Carson, I'd be a teeny weeny one, but one that takes in, digest and distributes all the same. 


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