Monday, July 11, 2016

I am learning so much this year

I am finally reading this book. I think I bought it in year 2009 or 2010 but I never read it. Now that I want to delve more into the topic as per yesterday's blogpostit would be perfect timing. 

 Three Views of Creation and Evolution 
by Paul Nelson, Robert C. Newman and Howard J. Van Till

However, it is not a reading year for me. But as much as I need to buck up on my reading, I am still learning so much from so many other ways: videos, documentaries, articles, online lectures, even Facebook. 

And I inadvertently watched this TedX talk today which I found very relevant to the topic. 

The speaker raised the question when it comes to the academia, why are we still so conventional that we never changed the way we teach. We lectured back in the 15th century and we are still lecturing today in the 21st. And over the centuries, we keep fearing new ways, new "gadgets", new technology, fearing that students will become too dependent on slates vs. bark, on paper vs. slates, on store bought ink vs. self made ink, on smartphones vs. books. 

I have always felt it is right to embrace new ways of doing certain things, especially when it comes to learning. We are in the new age of interconnecting gadgets and from there, there is so much to learn.

Embrace it! Don't keep them away from your kids. Let them learn from using it. It opens up to them highways to so much learning and experience. 


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