Putting type personality theory to work

Type Talk at Work, How the 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job
by Otto Kroeger, Janet Thuesen and Hile Rutledge

I have been busy preparing training slides on using the 16 personality types for self discovery but I felt that it was not complete without an application section. I am thankful I have this book and it's good that I thought about searching by stash for something I can use and I found it. 

The book is useful in that it does not only give good explanation on the 16 types to what they refer to as typewatching. They also provide a short cut to typewatching by using the four temperaments. And more importantly, it has sections on time management, conflict resolution, problem solving and stress management which I am including in my training session. 

It may turn out that I am very ambitious in the amount of material for a one-day training. But we'll see. 



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