Monday, August 01, 2016

I am back to buying and buying and buying books

I am seriously back to my old habit of buying books by the dozen. But ebooks this time. 

I used to visit the Sufes and Evangel bookstores and purchased loads of books on each visit. I buy them because they interest me, because if I don't get them them, they'd be gone, and because I collect them. I stopped buying so many when I decided to switch to the electronic version. Ebooks will always be there and so I told myself to only buy them when I finish what I'm currently reading at the time. 

I got myself into a buying spree at one time when I had time-limited 30 to 75 percent discount coupons from Kobo. I stopped when they stopped giving discounts.

But I just found out that Amazon offer discounted books very often. I was already so happy that Amazon has begun selling its Kindle books outside the USA, what more now they are offering some at a quite good discounts, even up to 93%!. I have posted here mid of last month when I bought 20 of them at one go. 

And I have not stopped. I check out the deals every other few days and I have been buying more. It's hard to stop when the discounts are so good. These books range from USD1.99 to 5.99 after discount. I couldn't pass them up. 

Now I need time to read them. 


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