Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's good to watch movies

I was contemplating whether I should send an email to this person to clarify something but I was reluctant. I am not sure how it will be taken and thought maybe I'll not send it after all to avoid any problems that may arise. 

Then I suddenly remembered a dialogue in a movie I just watched, or rather re-watched, today. I am someone who like to watch old movies again and again and again. Like I have mentioned before, it feels like I am spending time with an old friend. 

The movie was Home Alone and this was the dialogue that came to mind. Kevin is the 8-year son who was accidentally left home alone by his parents, played by Macaulay Culkin and Marley is their next door neighbour. 

Kevin: My point is, you should call your son. 
Marley: What if he won't talk to me?
Kevin: At least you'll know. Then you could stop worrying about it. 

That basically settled my mind and I sent the emailed almost immediately. 

It is good to watch movies, old or new.


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