Sunday, August 21, 2016

My eyes are getting old

I came back from church after having a good time chatting with some people. The subject of creationism and evolution came up in our conversation, which reminded me that I have yet to continue in the book that I have started to read more than a month ago.

So I got down to it the moment I got home. And I was in a good frame of mind to read it and managed to read more than half the book.

But the problem was that after reading for about five hours straight, my eyes got so tired I could only focus if I squinted. I should stop reading I know for the sake of my eyes but when you are on a roll, it's difficult to stop. 

I can't read small print in books anymore and so I'm on the iPad with an enlarged font size. But I'm not sure if the backlight is affecting my eyes, so maybe it would be better if I got myself a Kindle reader. Would it help?

I've been trying to convince myself that I don't need it. It's not cheap. 



  1. My wife uses the Twilight app on her tablet. She thinks that it helps wrt reading in the evening.

  2. Can I please have more info? Like who the developer is. All I got were mainly related to the book Twilight. LOL

  3. If you are Android:

    Not sure what to do if you use an iPad but they must have something similar.

  4. The app is only for Androids but yup the new iPhone and iPad has an inbuilt Night Shift function. I set it at 10pm where the blue tint of the screen will turn yellow. I have been using it all along when it was made available. However, this will only help in terms of sleep, not sight.

    I think it is just old age - the fact that my eye muscles are not so effective anymore and could not adjust as easily when it was younger. I only need to rest my eyes. The one thing which I always forget to do is to look away from the screen every 20 minutes. I'd be so engrossed, I'd be focussed on the screen for hours on end and that is when my eye muscle get "stuck" I suppose.