Monday, August 15, 2016

What joy it is to read

I have certainly slowed down a lot on reading this year. I thought I had wanted to spend time on other areas of my life but now that we are about to move into the fourth quarter of the year, I wished I had set my mind on reading instead.

Why you may ask?

It is because I really missed reading.

What joy it is to find a book with a story you hope you will live in for a few days. What joy it is to find gems of truth forming in the pages that you are reading. What joy it is when you suddenly understand differently or learnt something completely unbeknownst to you. What joy it is when the characters find the very resolution you know they would and should. What joy it is when you can't wait to turn to the next page to find out what happens next. What joy it is when you read the last word of the book and breathe a sigh of contentment, and yet with sadness lay it down.

But like everyone else, I have only so much time. So I need to manage it well and lay aside what is not important, and read.

What I need to do now though is to find a good book.


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